Friday, December 09, 2005


I just took a hatchet to my Television antenna in hopes of reclaiming my mind. It is going to be a difficult road to revovery, especially since I have decided to quit smoking today. A contemplative life and clean lungs. How will I survive?


Jessi said...

When I get the urge to smoke... I read a book. Its been pretty helpful today of all days.

Matt said...

when i get the urge to smoke i eat. Prepare: man boobs!

Michael said...

matt - you will get tons of advice on quitting. The thing that helped me most was when I was told "cigarette urges only last 5 minutes. After five minutes, they are gone. If you can't go five without a smoke, you are pathetic."

I'll reach my two year quit anniversary in early January.

Best of luck on that one.

As far as the TV thing goes... I quit tv, and got addicted to the internet.