Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Black Robe: a mighty wizard who roams the woods showing his magic blue book to those that will look. He seduces women and walks on air.

I graduated college. Everyone was wearing black robes and funny square hats. After the commencement ceremony everyone poured out of the gymnasium and families circled their graduates telling them that they were on the road to success--that they were going to give Einstein and Hegel a run for their money. I chuckled to myself. Then my family found me and told me to pose near a wooded area and say cheese.

Here is a picture of Jessi and me. I am a college graduate with a hot girlfriend. Life is good.


Michael said...


noell said...

yay! that's very exciting matt :-D

Ann Spam said...


Yeah I webcammed with Jessi the other day... Oooh, truly hot girlfriend!

You'll do great, no problem.

Bex said...

That is so exciting, Matt! I'm so proud of you--wow, that's so "mom-ish"! Anyway- congrats :)