Monday, July 24, 2006

Ultimate Island

My brother and I were watching TV when a commercial for a new BBC America island reality Television show came on. Images of beautiful people engaging in dramatic social interactions were flashing on the sceen at a furious clip when Andy exclaimed, "Dude, get this: I have an idea for a TV show. It would be called Ultimate Island. We'd invite all the people in the world that are interested in being on one of these island shows and once they were all gathered there on the Island we'd loose the nukes on 'em."

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Michael said...

I think I could watch something like that for like... a two hour made for TV reality movie... but I'd get bored if it got stretched out beyond a mini series.

You can only see people get vaporized from so many different angles before it gets boring...


check that.

I want ten seasons, 16 episodes a season, two hour long episodes.