Tuesday, January 16, 2007

White Fields

He’s startled from sleep. The sound of galloping horses recede away from him and when he looks to the sound he sees a fading after image of red and shadow, a dark rider upon a chariot retreating over white fields. He rolls over to see his beloved sleeping heavily. He tries to stir her but she will not wake. A spell has been put on her. He is quite calm. As calm as the falling snow which is falling all around them, on her hair, in the bed, on his eye lashes. The air is quiet, muffled. The snow falls faster and more furiously, piling deeper, muting the landscape around him, covering his beloved under a great chill blanket. He must hurry. He must follow the chariot and rider-- defeat the shadow before all is white and cold.


Anonymous said...

What does the hero do from here?

Matt said...

Our hero would follow the beast to the end of the earth, and below, into the shadow realm where there he would battle monsters and unspeakable evils in the name of love. But it isn't that kind of spell. His beloved has to fight the spell by her own will. In her own way. He can only pray that all does not turn white and disappear.