Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Midnight with Tom Petty

I almost have enough money saved up to fix my car. The hippies in this town put such a guilt trip on drivers. But it is time for me to push aside the marjiuanna smoke and idealology and face reality. Cars are a convienance. The few errands i had today on my day off, which would have taken less than an hour with a ride, took up the majority of daylight on foot. It was a beautiful day though.

I hoofed it for pleasure this evening and watched the sunset by the bay on my favorite slab of cement behind Jalepenos restaurant. on my way home i ran into rob and we decided to spend the rest of our evening drinking beer and playing videogames. It was fun. I haven't played guilt free video games for ages.

after the virtual killing spree, we headed out to the porch and discussed the best stradigies to seduce the checker girl at fred meyer. i guess the easiest way would be to buy groceries and act like a human being. But that can't be right. What about the alpha males in gorilla tribes? they are a variable, that based in human reality or not, i haven't quite figured out. rob and i decided that life is too unpredictable, that no matter what direction our lives take, we will meet in vancouver for the 2010 olypics and have a drink in a pub. if our lives haven't turned out like we planned, if we don't have fred meyer checkers, we will streak the games.

it is passed midnight and i am listening to tom petty. good night.

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