Friday, September 10, 2004

Movie Night

All I wanted to do tonight was stay in, undisturbed and watch "The Red Violin" and eat a large Chicago style pizza from the take-n-bake joint. My brother popped in the movie and we prepared to eat until we couldn't eat anymore. Three bites later there was a knock at the door. Andy opened it. Our nieghbor Monica comes in full of smiles and laughs and asks us why the hell we are watching movies. She says we should be outside drinking vodka and laughing.
"Hey uh, both our toilets are clogged next door do mind if i take a shit over here?" she asks... totally nonchalant.
"Yeah go ahead Monica." there goes movie night.

We turn the movie back on, louder this time to drown out the grunting sounds coming from the bathroom. Into the second piece of pizza--a knock at the door. I opened it this time. Justin comes in wearing a scraggly beard and wants to know if Andy wants to play music. Andy reluctantly said "sure" and went next door to drink vodka and play drums. Monica was done by this time and i was finally alone with my movie... with the Red Violin.

The phone rang. I made the mistake of anwsering it. My very old and very thrifty landlord asked why Andy's rent is late and then started gossiping about how the nieghbors almost burned down thier house yesterday with a smoldering cigarette. "Two fire trucks had to come." I was trapped in that conversation. Like a good serf i agreed a lot with everything she said until the line went quite and she said goodbye.

I layed down on the couch and pushed the play button with my opposable thumb and sunk back into 18th century England and was again following the story of the violin. It didn't last long. David was at the door. He came over to apologize for something he told me this weekend. I made the mistake of bringing up politics late Sunday afternoon with the people on the porch, all of whom want to destroy George Bush. Anyway, David, a long haired hippy archer, told me that if i voted for Bush he would shoot me in the heart with an arrow. At the time it sent shivers up my spine but i had forgotten about it. In my doorway, he said that he felt really bad for telling me he would shoot me in the heart with an arrow and he had felt bad all week and wanted to appologize. I was touched and told him not to be silly.

After that was cleared up i sat back down on the couch and again pressed the play button. The damned thing was at this point, Andy came home and wanted to start the movie over from were he had left off! So he started the whole movie over and that is why i am typing on my blog. How hard it is to watch a movie in peace.

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