Thursday, March 17, 2005


I will no longer pollute my body with devilish cigarette smoke.

A friend of mine was stranded miles from home over Christmas break. He had managed to hitch hike halfway home but couldn't get a ride for the final stretch. A van full of "neo" hippies picked him up and asked where he was going. "Bellingham," he said, adding that he was having a hard time getting home. "Say it," suggest a spaced out, long haired, flower child in bell-bottoms. "Say: I am home in Bellingham. If you affirm something it is already done and you no longer have to worry about it."

What a great philosophy. So I am affirming it hear in writing. I am a non smoker.

I have quit before but every time something stressful happens I go right back to that familiar security blanket of poison. I will continue to update my progress in this endeavor. The hard part is out of the way, the affirmation.

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Jessi said...

Good luck and do keep us updated on your progress... Cheers!