Saturday, October 08, 2005

Did You See That One Part?

We got rabbit ears for our television. That is an antenna. It's been three years with out watching TV! With all that free time, my IQ has probably went up 50 points, meaning I'd almost be of average intelligence 100 years ago--maybe a little below average actually.

Andy and I are addicted to TV already and the really funny part is we only get four channels and one of them is Chinese half the time. And the reception is pretty crappy. But we are still addicted. I find myself watching Perry Mason, Becker, and bad Canadian soap operas. The best show on that I've seen yet is the new Family Feud with Al from Home Improvement.

The thing about a TV story is that it is always lame and you always have to end with: it was so funny. You should have seen it. If your not a TV watcher those stories are pretty unfunny. Ok so here is my TV story. I was watching the Feud and one of the questions was, "Name something that requires constant maintenance." This teenage dude, a real baby faced sort of guy, got all nervous, you know, because his family had two strikes against him, and he blurts out "facial hair."

Another funny one was when a woman from the other family said that she "showered". The question was, "What do you do when your bored at home?"

It was so funny. You should have seen it.


Ann Spam said...

Chinese shows can be quite nice if you understand them! ;) But the soaps are cliched.

Ever since I got introduced to the Internet I've never watched much TV. Only Friends.

Michael said...

and yet, you can make a story about a tv show, ended by the standard phrase, interesting.

that's talent.

Matt said...

Thanks Michael. I feel like I've reemerged into a powerful culture club as a lost boy. It will be easy to bond with strangers now. Plus I have found that watching tv connects me to the cosmic laugh track, that socially constructed space in which everything said gets a good laugh and a woot from the "viewers", the imaginary people we think, think that we are wonderful.