Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Waking Life

I'm at work. It is 3:27 PM. I recieve an email that suggest that by twenty-oh-seven, scientist might crack open the god particle. A particle that is three levels beneath a lepton. This particle could explain the mystery of mass.

I try to wrap my mind around a scale that small. It makes my face burn and my ears pop.

A professor walks in the office. "Can I get the keys to the promotion room, please?"

My mind is fluctuating at a quatum level. The promotion room? Keys? I ask myself. That sounds like a very mysterious place. I wonder, what is in that room? I have the keys to such a place? The thought occurs to me to hide out in the office tonight and then when the janitors leave, sneak into the promotion room and explore. I almost get the bends as my mind rises to surface level consciousness and I'm suddenly aware of handing the professor the keys.

I realize I am having internal dialogue, and only now do I realize that I've opened blogger and recorded it all.


Ann Spam said...

A job! Good luck =]

This reminds me, what comes to your mind when the topic "A Quiet Moment in the Marketplace" is brought forward?

Your experience sounded like one ;) As in quiet moment in a busy place.

Matt said...

Being quite in crowds is often my favorite activity. i will often go to the mall (do you have malls where you live?) and sit on a bench with a cup of coffee and just watch people walk by. People at the mall are ussually flooded with chemicals, both natural and synthetic. They faces are flushed they walk fast, it as if they are really doing thier best to survive, like they are running from something. But there is also wonderful moments at the mall, like old couples strolling, and young teens peacocking.

there is also the supermarket and the farmers market which are also great people watching spots. The grocery store is like entering a sedated sci-fiction world. I feel like I am floating in heaven at the supermarket. In fact the ancients probably imagined heaven to be very much like the supermarket...soft music, holy lighting, and all the food you could ever eat. I love it.

The farmers market is a bit more human. It is what I imagine normal human behavior to be like. I'll stroll around down there by myself just to watch people interact happily and make over goods produce right here in our own county.

A silent time at the market, hmm maybe ill write a post about that when I get more time. why do you ask ann? what are you markets like?

Ann Spam said...

Oh, someone put that topic forward for me to write an essay about. Trying to get inspiration.

We have plenty of malls here as I live in the city. We have markets also, it's a very noisy place. Full of butchers, fishmongers yelling around tossing pieces of dead animals into old newspapers and selling them. There are also those who sell traditional cakes and stuff which are really nice =]

Although, markets in villages or in the countryside are mostly nicer, and the stuff there is cheap and fresh. I don't know why. The traditional delicacies are also more tasty!

You should visit here someday.

Matt said...

i would love to. oh, and you should visit here!