Thursday, January 06, 2005

America... Fuck Yeah, Part 2

How does the law define harm I wonder? If I punch someone they probably deserve it and maybe I deserve to go to jail for the bodily harm to that individual. What if I punch myself? Does Emotional harm count?

I heard this news story on the radio. It went like this: A man was picked up at the border with a car full of racist monopoly games. Instead of Boardwalk and Park Place there was Ghetto St. And Barrio Ave. I'm sure the N word even appeared on one of those community chest cards. The Milton Bradly company is suing the man and he is going to go to prison, where I am sure he will get his salad tossed by one of the "ethnic" inmates.

Ok here is my opinion, and my opinion counts because I am a blogger and we won the people of the year, this man committed no crime! Is the guy a scum bag, probably, but he is also just trying to make a living. Why can't he put his game on the free market. If people want to buy a racist game with their hard earned cash, then more power to them. When did it become illegal to offend somebody? I saw a toy this Christmas that was a fake McDonald cash register. I was offended and appalled that toy makers are conditioning young children to work and eat at Mickey D's, but hey I don't have the right to tell someone what they can and can't play with. Oh America, your so confused, like a group of unpopular girls arguing about what to wear to the popular girls sleep over.

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Jessi said...

The guy is definitely an scum bag, but I agree with you. Hopefully with the ever growing influence of the blogosphere, America will learn that the best tactic against any form of hatespeech is not PC regulation, but more speech.