Friday, January 28, 2005

Revenge of the Nerds

I had to read a short story of mine in class today which was really cool because I have never read any of my stuff to anyone, ever. It was a story about three college kids on a road trip to Vegas. Loosely based on a trip I took to Vegas last year. The dialogue was basically directly quoted from my friends. For example: "Lewis what is our ETA in Vegas?" and "According to the GPS we should be there any second now", and so on. The professor and and my peers were baffled. "What is GPS? ETA?". Believe it or not that is how we actually communicate.

I got home and heard Andy talking, I figured we had a guest. Nope. He was talking into the video game headset and playing Halo online. Then it hit me. I am a nerd. My friends are nerds. My family is nerdy. I have no idea how to be cool or write cool.

"What is GPS?" come on...Don't you go on a road trip with a satellite dish on your roof wired to a lap top computer in the cab?

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