Thursday, January 20, 2005


Andy and I bought a membership to the YMCA yesterday. I am very out of shape--skinny and yet flabby. Not since high school have I really had to be in a gym locker room. The one thing that puzzles me about a gym locker rooms is that men go to extraordinary lengths to walk around naked. When I first walked in the locker room I was greeted by a man walking from the shower holding a towel. It isn't that difficult to hold a towel in such away that it covers the groin. This guy was putting a lot of effort into making sure that the towel did not cover his groin. His hands were above his head and the towel was covering the back of his neck. I walked on and turned a corner. There I was confronted with a fat naked man bending over doing the touch the toes stretch. His sweaty red ass was blocking my way. I have nothing against nudity. I am not uncomfortable with nudity. The body is the body. But displaying your balls and your sweaty ass as some sort of statement of manhood is just silly. Taking a shower is one thing. Walking to your locker in your birthday suit is fine. But holding a towel over your thigh while your junk is airing in the wind seems like a design tactic.

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Michael said...

I've never had a membership at a gym, but I've heard stories a lot like yours.

From what I've heard... the old men are the worst.