Friday, January 27, 2006


My brother Andy, has started a geo cities web site and put his art work on it. He is very talented. I've added this site to my sidebar so you can check in to see if he has posted anything new.

New Blog post are coming. I can feel them gurgling in my stomach. It won't be long now till I pass them.

Word of the Day:

Frack: 1.. An edgy word used on Battlestar Galactica to avoid the dreaded bleep. 2. Identical to our earthling F word except that the Capricain version is spelled with an "ra" instead of a "U". Used in sentences such as: What the Frack is up with the Cylons, they look just like us humans now? Frack this mother fracking viper! We must repopulate the human species...want to Frack? I'm a fracking sensitive yet power obsessed female president, if you frack with me, I'll frack the frack out of your fracking frack--you won't even know what fracked you, fracker.

1 comment:

Ann Spam said...

You have an extremely talented brother!