Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Mr. Bell

I sat down at my computer desk this morning with a cup of coffee and a breakfast cookie and an intention of doing a Bible Study before heading off to work. Instead, I checked emails and news sites, then decided that listening to my favorite radio program, Coast to Coast AM, sounded more fun than Bible stories. I went to the Coast website and was excited to see that Machio Kaku, a brilliant scientist, was the guest last night. The joy lasted momentarily though: I saw the announcement that Art Bell’s wife, Ramona had died.

I was shocked. I don’t know these people, but in a way I do. Art Bell has kept me company many many nights—nights when I didn’t feel so great and my life wasn’t going so hot. Countless nights I went to bed early, cozy under the sheets, listening to Art talk about science and the paranormal. He had pulled me through hard times-- kept my mind busy when it might otherwise suffered from idleness.

I listened, almost in tears myself; to this man I respect so deeply, share about his sorrows and shock in losing his soul mate. He said slowly, fighting back the tears that he had seriously considered ending his own life to join his departed wife; his life seemed meaningless without her and if not for his five cats, he might have ended it or would end it.

Art Bell’s voice is like a warm star in the night. He has been an influence and comfort in my own life and countless others. I wish him all the best and would encourage all of you to check out his thought provoking radio program as well as offer your prayers, that he might find comfort in such difficult times.


Ann Spam said...

It's strange, we do sometimes have deep personal connections with people we haven't met but know. It's sort of like when Princess Di passed away I suppose...

I think Art Bell would be very happy to read your post. :)

Anonymous said...

yeah Matt, when we learn something from someone,we recieve a part of that person, that something that we have learned bonds us to that person to some degree. Im sad for mr bell,my heart goes out to him. Dad