Friday, December 31, 2004

Satellite Fur

The man in front of me in line at Mervens, had huge ears. I could not see his face but his ears were hard to miss...great flabby lobes dripped onto his shirt collar. And they twitched too. They were searching for the smallest tinge of sound. I stopped breathing, not wanting to disturb the ears but they only twitched more, straining to hear even the juices of my blinking eyes. The ear cannel was like Shelobs liar--deep, dark, and hollow, filled with webs. I looked more closely at the ear before jumping back with freight, a sudden push of air had ruffled the coarse strands of gray hair nestled on the rim of the outer canal. I stepped back, away from the ear. It needed room. As it rotated back and fourth like a SETI satellite dish, I realized that I was in the bra and underwear department. I pretended to look at underwear while the terrible ear probed me. One table of surprised me very much. It was covered with little girl's underwear. Each pair of undies had a different slogan sewn in glitter such as, "Lil Princess", or "Sexy". "Who would buy this stuff for a child", I thought. The ear jerked in my direction as if it had heard my thoughts.

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malerie said...

This made me laugh. I worked at Mervyns for 9 months, and I was sickened to see the "sexy" "flirty"
"Too good 4 u" etc little girl underwear. Slightly amusing but mostly appalling.