Sunday, February 06, 2005

Mouth Filth

I heard an advertisement on the radio last night. A man's voice telling of the germs on a telephone receiver, especially public telephones. Says there are more germs on a public phone than there is in a public toilet. For a price you can buy a product that cleans the phone before you use it. Are germs really that scary? Should we be spending money on germ killing products at the rate we do?

I can't believe that the mouth is that dirty. At least not as dirty as body parts usually coming in contact with toilet seats. What are we putting in our mouths? What is coming out of them? Can language and speech create a literal filth in the mouth? Intriguing.


Anonymous said...

I once had to use a phone that had so much ear wax on it that it required considerable force to lift the handset!

Anonymous said...

they say a dogs mouth is cleaner than any humans mouth. yet we think its really creepy when some dog owners let their dogs lick their faces.